Discover an Energetic Way to Introduce You to Your Soul with Vicki Baird

“ The soul wants to work with your human self to create the most connective experience filled with joy in this lifetime. I say we owe it to our souls to be curious enough to want to connect and claim this joy . ”


A Joyful Journey to a High Vibrational Self

Here is what you will discover...

Feeling empty? Here is how to find joy through soul connection.

Who are you? No, really. Who are you? I am sharing knowledge that I have learned over the last 21 years to help you regain the energy that you have lost through a soul disconnect. 

  • Revealed: How to Awaken Your Soul Communication

    Tune into that subtle voice of your soul and break away from messages in your brain that have been so strongly conditioned.

  • Master the art of learning how to offer yourself the love and care you deserve

    Discover how to bring yourself into oneness and finally connect with yourself.

  • Discover a ridiculously easy way  to align yourself for joy through soul and physical connection. 

    Even if you cannot tell your heart from your head, learn to give yourself permission to be wholly you.

Why should I join the Introducing You to Your Soul course?

Why not join me? You have been taking care of everyone else, but who has been taking care of you? Think about it. 

This course is for you if...

  • You are Suffering from Soul disconnect

    Learn how to quickly recognize and avoid disconnect. Tune into the rhythm of your deepest self and be in alignment with your soul.

  • You are exhausted from thinking external approval will satisfy you.

    Finally realize that no item, relationship or amount of success is going to energize you sustainably. 

  • Who you are at heart is in conflict with who you are out in the world.

    Learn to resolve this conflict and escape the energy of stagnation. Then, energize life as a whole so you can create the success you wish to see in your life. It is possible!

Here is what you will receive...

  • A four-week self-guided course designed to deliver a module once a week for four weeks. Giving you time to learn, assimilate and apply before moving on to the next one. Explore at your own pace. 
  • Meditations, self-discovery practices and a video guiding each module.
  • A membership with Vicki Baird Coaching and access to your course material.
  • Live ongoing Q&A's with Vicki.

Everything for a one-time payment of 

$279.00 USD

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied, I will refund your full payment up to one week into the course. 

What my amazing clients say;

"I am very fortunate to have formed an excellent relationship with my clients. I have been able to create a working relationship based on trust, compassion, and success. Here is what they are saying about working with me."

Michele Buordo

Transformational Coach

“I  knew I had a problem with work and life balance. I needed this resolved. Vicki did it for me, and I got more than I bargained for. She helped me with getting clear on what it is I wanted to do and addressing family and crap from the past.


Her ability to tap into the energy of how you are feeling, even if you are not aware of it and how that might be impacting you, is amazing. I would highly recommend working with her if you are tired of feeling stuck."


Krista Brazie

Teacher and Reading Specialist

“When I heard about Vicki, what I realized was I could take an idea or a question and she would help me to get clarity and then act on it. I needed an intuitive coach immediately. Vicki enters the scene, and everything is energized. Her sessions give me the courage to trust and act on my intuition.”  

Carol LeBlanc

CPA and creator of

Love Your Numbers Now

“I bought Vicki’s life-changing package and the experience was great.  It was a bold statement that turned out to be true and life-changing. My biggest goal is to connect with my soul and live my life directed from my soul and she helped me through that journey. I’d highly recommend her to anyone.”

Hi there, I am Vicki Baird, an Intuitive Consultant in Pittsfield, MA. I discovered my gift while working in an organization where I could always intuitively know where the company was headed before they announced it. I believe that every one of us has amazing gifts to offer the world, and once we can see those gifts in ourselves, they can be offered to self and the world. My intention is to help you realize how complex, amazing, and capable you are through my Intuitive Professional Coaching services. I help my clients discover that leadership and care for others can, and must, include themselves.


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